Wandtke Group is a dynamically growing company providing services in the field of manufacturing of steel components and light steel structures.

Many years of experience allowed us to work out an effective and highly professional line of order service. Every order placed by a customer is treated with the utmost care in our company. What distinguishes us is high commitment to carried out projects, starting from preparation of calculations, through service of an order and its efficient fulfilment, to arranging transport and delivery.


Wandtke Group for more than 30 years has been manufacturing steel parts and components, steel structures, machines, devices and finished elements based on steel solutions.

We deliver elements that are assembled or ready for assembly. We are distinguished by quality of workmanship, we make every effort to manufacture every detail, even the smallest ones, in line with documentation delivered by a customer.

We manufacture elements and structures from the full range of thickness of virtually any material, i.e. carbon/construction steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, bronze, galvanised steel and coated sheet.

Materials used by us have at least type 3.1 certificates and always have CE marking.

We ensure delivery to a place indicated by a customer on agreed date. The possibility of own transport and an extensive network of freight-forwarding partners allow us to optimise costs of transport.


Wandtke Group includes companies specialising in various areas of steel and metal processing. Accordingly, we are able to offer various services to our customers, starting with sheet processing, i.e. cutting, bending and rolling (Estimet company), through production of steel elements and light steel structures (Wandtke Grupa), to production and welding of large steel structures (Nordcoop company).


We are aware that a significant part of steel structures and elements manufactured by us later becomes a fragment of a larger design concept. Thus, we make every effort to produce them by a deadline set by a customer to avoid delaying further steps of the implementation of customer’s project.

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