Standard EN 1090

It refers to the following materials, elements, structures, as well as under construction, and in particular to individual operations:

  • elements and sets of structural elements made of steel or aluminum, placed on the market of construction products
  • steel elements used in composite and reinforced concrete structures
  • elements used directly, in building constructions or as sets of structural elements
  • structural elements and their sets produced serially and unbranded
  • elements made of cylindrical construction products, cold profiled or using other technologies
  • elements manufactured from various profiles, flat products (sheets and strips), rods, castings and forgings of steel or aluminum materials protected or not protected against corrosion by coatings or other surface treatments


Market regulations have caused a significant increase in requirements for manufacturers regarding their welded and non-welded constructions. Meeting the requirements of the standard (more precisely directive) EN 1090 gives customers confirmation that the products offered are manufactured under conditions supervised by competent and authorized personnel. Consequently, their quality is correct and consistent with generally accepted guidelines.

To ensure compliance of our products with legal regulations, we conduct an assessment of the conformity of the product's properties before it is placed on the market. Making such an assessment allows us to mark the product with the CE mark.

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