We manufacture structures for offshore and shipbuilding companies

We carry out projects for the shipbuilding industry, including:

  • hatch covers
  • on-board, side and bulkhead doors
  • hatches
  • mooring pipes
  • fans
  • steel structures and elements for various purpose

Wandtke Grupa

What we do ?

  • prefabrication in own manufacturing plant
  • serial orders
  • various dimensions
  • own material warehouse


We have great capabilities of delivery of products to customers. We can offer own transport or transport by one of proven freight-forwarding companies. We are able to deliver goods both by land, and sea.


We always try to agree with a customer a date of fulfilment of an order which would enable us manufacturing the highest quality structures or components. We make every effort to ensure the deadline is as short as possible and to meet it.

Contact us, we will respond to your inquiry within 3 hours

You will receive your completed offer within 1 day +48 533 150 100 | +48 58 681 68 13 | biuro@wandtke.pl